Signalétique Bi-mats SIMO - Réalisation Girod group
Simo : an easier way to manage your signposting

Our latest innovation, SIMO, an adjustable sign, is based on the concept that it should be easy to change its configuration so as to be able to adapt to your...

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Projet d’aménagement urbain à tahiti - Poteau d'arrêt de bus Optibus - Réalisation Girod group
Opti’bus selected by tahiti for the bus stop sign post!

As part of the modernisation and improvement of public transport services on the Island of Tahiti, 240 buses will be progressively renewed by 2021 by the new company in charge...

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salon pérou signalisation girod group
On show at the Lima Suppliers’ Exhibition

In an effort to further boost their growth and renown on the Peruvian market, our Peruvian subsidiary Girod Peru were on show for the first time at the 2019 suppliers’...

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