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Signalisation voie navigable Roumanie girodgroup

Waterway signage

Timisoara, the fourth largest city in Romania, recently gained access to the Western European waterway network through the renovation of the Bega Canal.

Coastal signage

The renovation of the canal, partly financed by the European Union, allows Timisoara to become a port city again after more than 60 years. The “BEGA” river runs through the city of Timisoara and connects (for 70 km) the Serbian border. It is an artificial canal dug in the 18th century to facilitate trade and low-cost transport in the region. After half a century of abandonment, the waterway and its locks have been rehabilitated and now allow public transport by small motor boats.

Proven expertise

As a specialist in road signs, our Romanian subsidiary was entrusted with the design, manufacture and installation of 266 coastal signs regulating traffic on the waterway.
The signs serve as markers for boat skippers, so that navigation on the Bega Canal can be carried out in complete safety. These signs comply with the type, shape, dimensions and quality required by the navigation regulations in force in the country, but also at international level.
In 2014, our Romanian subsidiary completed the signage for the Danube-Black Sea Canal in south-eastern Romania.

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