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marquage au sol des place handicapé pour les jeux panamaricain à Lima
Marquage au sol des parking pour les jeux panamaricain à Lima
marquage au sol des parking pour les jeux panamaricain à Lima

Accessibility and floor marking

In July and August 2019, Lima will host the Pan American and Para Pan American Games. Our Peruvian subsidiary won the contract to provide the horizontal signposting and the accessibility compliance upgrades for their facilities.

Lima 2019

The Pan American and Para Pan American Games bring together athletes from 41 American countries and 39 athletic disciplines. These will also be the qualifiers for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo.

A real need for accessibility

As a specialist in road safety, SENALIZACION GIROD won the contract to provide horizontal signposting in the athletic village car park in the Villa El Salvador district. To meet the accessibility needs of this village – especially during the Para Pan American Games – our Peruvian subsidiary will oversee the installation of tactile paving in the pedestrian areas to guarantee a comfortable and convenient experience for athletes with visual disabilities.
This athletic village will be the largest accessible housing complex in Peru.

Tried and tested expertise!

To ensure the best possible safety for users, our works teams have all the skills needed to adapt your facilities and provide the necessary urban signposting. We use various techniques and equipment, fully adapted to each site, to apply our products, hot- and cold-coatings and roadside equipment.

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