Girod have designed all of the signs used in the first 10 stations of the Algiers metro since it was first created.

This wider planning project comprised a number of phases. To begin with, we developed the signs for the first 10 stations of the metro at the time of it being set up, before being tasked with designing and fitting 1,300 m² enamelled steel wall panels for the El Harrach Centre and Gare stations. We then developed and fitted street furniture subsequent to line extension projects. The Algiers metro is currently spread out over 18 kilometres and has 16 stations, from the Place des Martyrs to El-Harrach.

We are currently fitting signs and streety furniture in the Gué de Constantine, Ali Boumendjel and Les Ateliers stations.

This managed project, which encompasses design right through to fitting, draws on all of our industrial expertise. A number of different phases are involved in the overall process, from laser cutting, folding, hole punching, digital printing on rigid supports, lacquering, silkscreen printing and enamel work right through to fitting.