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Fabrication et installation mur antibruit autoroute Roumanie girod group
Installation de mur antibruit sur autoroute Roumanie Girod Group


More than 42,000 m² of noise barriers were fitted on motorways by our Romanian subsidiary, Girod Semnalizare Rutiera.

The concept of noise barriers

Noise barriers are external structures designed to provide a phonic insulation effect. The aim is to decrease the noise pollution caused by sources of noise disturbance, including motorways, ringroads and railway lines.

From manufacturing to fitting

Over the years, Girod Semnalizare Rutiera, a subsidiary of the Girod group based in Timisoara, co-leader in Romania, have become a major player when it comes to manufacturing and installing vertical signs on major roads and motorways across the country.

Proven expertise

Following CE marking being awarded in 2013 for noise barriers, also known as sound panels, Girod Semnalizare manufactured and installed 42,000 m² of these barriers over three portions of the motorway linking Lugoj with Deva in Romania.
The teams in Romania installed 16,800 panels, each weighing in excess of 60 kilos.

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