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Following the creation of a new expressway in Lima, designed in order to address the issue of traffic congestion in the region, the Peruvian subsidiary of the Signaux Girod group were awarded the contract for road surface marking.

An ambitious project

Senalizacion Girod, the Peruvian subsidiary of the Signaux Girod group, worked in collaboration with Vinci on the most ambitious road project in the Lima metropolitan area: road surface marking for the “yellow line”.

This structural infrastructure is made up of a 1.8 km tunnel and 10 viaducts. It links eleven of the capital’s most popular districts. More than 150,000 people use it on a daily basis.

Group synergy

Thanks to the wide range of skills within the Signaux Girod group, our Romanian subsidiary Girod Semnalizare Rutiera gave our Peruvian subsidiary the materials they needed to create the road markings, as well as providing the expertise and experience of two experts in road surface marking. Senalizacion Girod obtained 50% of the contract for road surface marking for the expressway.

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